Some places on earth can be described as untouched little gems. Sint-Idesbald is one of them, a beautiful little village that speaks of authenticity, architecture, art, nature and recreation. Old postcards bear witness to Sint-Idesbald’s rich colonial past. ‘t Zandkasteeltje reflects this architectural heritage and manages to revive the authentic charm of this unique coastal town.

’t Zandkasteeltje is located between the Veurnelaan, Dageraadstraat and Marie-Joséstraat, beside 700 ha of natural reserve that is also used for recreational purposes, with exciting cycling and walking paths. Both the centre of Sint-Idesbald and the seaside are within walking distance.

A fan of sports activities? Sint-Idesbald is the place to be: walking, running, cycling, swimming, horse riding, sailing, surfing, skating… The brand-new golf course nearby is also bound to attract many aspiring golfers.

Concept / Architecture

‘t Zandkasteeltje is not just another project. It represents a well-thought-out concept in which traditional architectural beauty is sustainably linked with future-proof residential development. The vision of the various contributing architectural teams and landscape architects has resulted in a series of charming villas, perfectly integrated with their surroundings. They all carry poetic names emphasising their individuality and character, and each have their own, unique detailing: bay windows, corner pinnacles, balconies, rounded arches… It is this wide range of diversity that makes ‘t Zandkasteeltje such a unique project.

Praktische info

  • Each residence has at least 4 bedrooms.
  • Allotments range from 162 m2 – 410 m2.
  • High-quality garden design included.
  • In-house garages.
  • Surfaces range from 152 m2 – 300 m2.
  • Infrastructure fully completed.
  • Residences available at short notice..
  • Peaceful location surrounded by nature.

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‘T Zandkasteeltje

Marie- Joséstraat, Dageraadstraat, Veurnelaan
8670 Sint-Idesbald

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Mail: verkoop@pocpartners.com
Tel: +32 (0)475 37 08 90

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