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In the exact spot where Salons Jan Turpin used to whip up the most delicious meals for their clients, the Jan Turpin residence now stands. It lies right by the promenade along Nieuwpoort’s ship canal, which is considered an exceptional location. Nieuwpoort’s popularity continues to rise, and its harbour is one of the largest in Europe. Even without your own yacht, this is still a wonderful place to enjoy the sun, golden beaches, countless shops, cosy terraces and numerous restaurants. No matter the season, you will always find something to do in Nieuwpoort – and for residents of Jan Turpin, it is all within walking distance.

Concept / architecture

Everything about this brand new residence exudes style and craftsmanship. Jan Turpin’s architectural style can be described as highly modern, which is quite exceptional in Nieuwpoort. From your apartment, you have a panoramic view over the impressive ship canal, while the apartments higher up look out over the sea in the distance. As the walls rise all the way up to 270 cm (instead of 250 cm), you are left with an incredible sense of space. The large balconies seamlessly merge with the living room floor.

Praktische info

  • Ground-floor apartments with garden.
  • Apartments with large sun deck.
  • Apartments available at short notice.
  • Standard apartments with balcony.
  • 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom apartments available, surface ranges from 60 m2 - 170 m2, with balconies from 14 m2 – 133 m2.
  • Underground parking and storage spaces available.

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