View of Zegemeer lake


Huize Torq and Huize Chicane make up a two-in-one residential project with an exceptional identity in an outstanding setting.
Koningslaan is one of the best locations in the centre of Knokke, the seaside resort that excels in style, exclusivity and amusement.
Here, you live within 100m of the famous Lippenslaan and scarcely 800m from the pavement cafes, chic restaurants and boutique galleries on the promenade. Everything you need to enjoy life at the seaside is within walking distance.

And both buildings are situated on the southside of the street, which guarantees plenty of natural sunlight. Ideal to enjoy the fabulous view of the nearby Zegemeer lake.


Huize Torq and Huize Chicane are luxurious duplexes that will turn heads.
The completely original and powerful design also boasts some eye-catching architectural details.
The large windows facing south ensure the spacious reception rooms are bathed in natural sunlight.

There is a dedicated garage for each residence with enough space for three cars. Ideal for those who like to cruise through the weekend streets of Knokke in their classic car.


Huize Torq & Huize Chicane


Koningslaan is one of the best locations for Knokke centre. Within 100m of Lippenslaan and 800m or so from the promenade. Everything is within walking distance. And Huize Torq & Huize Chicane are both on the southside of the street, with plenty of direct sunlight and a view of Zegemeer lake.

Practical details

  • Separate garage for each building with space for at least three cars
  • View of Zegemeer lake
  • Within a 100m of Lippenslaan
  • Within 800m of the promenade


Huize Torq - Visualisaties - Interieur - Woning 2 (1)

Huize Torq & Huize Chicane

Koningslaan 100
8300 Knokke-Heist

Contact details

+32 470 66 90 90

Knokke sales office (appointments only)

Kustlaan 323
8300 Knokke-Heist

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