Ramskapelle is a beautifully enchanting village, delighting visitors with its unique charm and authenticity. While it may be relatively quiet, Ramskapelle is everything but a ghost town. There are a number of excellent, classy restaurants, for example, that would not look out of place in a big, booming city.

During the summer it is a pleasure to go walking or cycling in Ramskapelle, whereas wintertime heralds the arrival of a wide range of migratory birds. As a suburb of Knokke-Heist, the village is cosily nestled between the so-called ‘polders’ (tracts of low, green land), and also lies near the seaside, the motorway and even Bruges. Above all, Ramskapelle knows how to combine nature’s peace and quiet with the life’s true pleasures.

Concept / architecture

“De Vrije” aims to further enhance the authentic character of Ramskapelle. In the village centre, right by the church square, a number of little streets and small squares will be constructed that will accommodate several comfortable, richly detailed houses with a historic feel.

At “De Vrije”, individuality matters: each and every house will be given its own unique touch. Detail is equally important, both in terms of interior decoration and choice of materials. The architect has selected a specific colour palette for each house, which is expressed through the brick and tile work. The façades and the joinery are in different shades so as to ensure that each residence is truly unique.

Practical details

  • Different types of houses available, surfaces range from 190 m2 – 295 m2.
  • In terms of houses scheduled for construction: purchase of fully-insulated residences is an option.
  • Extensive choice of finishes and layout possible.
  • Every house comes with a garage + a parking space on the drive.
  • High-quality garden design included.

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