De beste locaties zitten in onze natuur.


Finding the best locations is second nature to us. With a thorough experience acquired over the years, we are thé reference in apartments with a view on the sea. We can offer you the most beautiful and most practically located houses and apartments. This is not only a beginning of an interesting financial return, but also guarantees years of comfort and pleasure. The time which we already dedicated to finding the best locations is your gain!



Unique locations require unique solutions. From the first sketches to the final plans we spend a lot of time on the greatest impressions and the smallest details, until everything is attuned. You will notice this by the well thought-out architectural concept and you will feel it the moment you step inside. The extra time that we spend on a strong design, you win back in carefree living.



Construction is not just a profession, it’s a passion. For your home or apartment, POC Partners goes the extra mile with endless energy, the permanent search for the best materials and solutions, and the guts to keep questioning things. The quality we offer together with our designers, project managers, and technical and financial experts is a matter of passionate teamwork.



We stay in the driver’s seat from start to finish. Our employees do not only coordinate the architects’ team, they also manage all external suppliers. This way we are sure that even the smallest bolt is in the right place and that your home or apartment meets all quality requirements as promised.



An incomparable return starts with incomparable property. Because of their location, concept and completion, our projects often achieve a financial return that exceeds all estimations. But above all, we want to stay true to our long-term vision and offer you a unique home by the sea that is all your own.

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