13-03-2017 Our partners

We previously asked Isabelle Onraet about the appealing spaces she designs for POC, and took the opportunity to ask the interior designer for some useful pointers. How should you furnish your holiday home, and which trends can we expect? Isabelle shares her expertise:

What’s the difference between furnishing a holiday home and a permanent residence?

The requirements differ. In a holiday home, the emphasis lies on creating living areas, while in a permanent residence practical issues, such as cupboard and storage space require more attention. In a holiday home, people sometimes have different priorities, such as occasional guest rooms, more combined functions…

Do you have any specific advice for people with seaside residences?

Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Buyers tend to lose themselves in details, which they then take into account without considering their effect on the amount of available space or on the house or apartment as a whole. In addition, they often underestimate technical and practical issues; you need to take these into account from the get-go and not try and stuff them away at the end. If you have specific requirements and you want an appealing end result, you should ask the right people for help. If all the walls are already up, it’s basically too late and you lose both the significant and the smaller options to optimise.

Which trends can we expect?

Noble materials, high-quality furniture and freestanding furniture are still key features, and people are also showing a lot more appreciation for them again. I would also say that design classics remain popular regardless of style; the innovative touch here lies in the way in which high-quality items are combined and the specific choice of materials. Fabrics are also becoming coarser in texture, and people are also showing more appreciation for the authenticity of materials and for the way they feel.

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