08-03-2017 Our partners

It is no surprise that POC regularly calls on the services of Isabelle Onraet. The Belgian interior designer is known for her warm, stylish projects and she consistently manages to transform the anonymous feel of a new project into an intimate, personal space that instantly makes us feel at home. Curious as to what inspires Onraet, we fired off a couple of questions.


What do you find most important when designing a space?

I generally find it most important to start with a vision for the overall atmosphere, because a space should never be seen as separate, but rather as part of a whole. That’s why I consistently tend to opt for clear, clean-cut lines. I’m led by my passion for noble materials and eye for colour, as well as by the interaction between different textures and the way they feel. Depending on the project, this is how I look for a solution to the client’s wishes so as to achieve a highly personal result.

When it comes to the projects you develop for POC, do you let the sea inspire you, and if so, in which way is that reflected?

People often tend to go for lighter shades and materials in seaside homes, which is reflected in that specific atmosphere you always encounter in show apartments by the coast. That’s why I find it important to innovate in terms of materials and style.

What else inspires you?

I try to keep an open mind when I look at the world around me, and can be inspired by any- and everything: a specific type of material, an image or even a single item of furniture or decoration can inspire me to develop an entire setting or atmosphere.

What would you consider the biggest challenge with these kinds of projects?

Holiday homes require a smart use of space. People often end up with this mix and match of spaces where there may be room for everything, but the space as a whole feels cluttered and chaotic. The challenge is to create bright, open spaces where each need has a proper, functional place.

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