POC Sailing Cup – Race 2

10-07-2018 About POC

POC Sailing Cup – Race 2

The POC Sailing Cup are 5 catamaran races in the Windhaan. Pictures of the POC Sailing Cup II – Sunday August 1 are now online.

Trends: Peter Taffeiren

26-04-2018 About POC

In an interview with Trends, the CEO of POC Partners Peter Taffeiren shares his love for the Belgian coast and his ideas about the future of real estate.

Peter Taffeiren on POC Partners

23-01-2017 About POC

Unique locations, a professional approach and a passion for quality: CEO Peter Taffeiren explains why he believes POC Partners has been able to call itself a key player in real estate for the past 25 years.

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